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At White Sands Island Beach and White Shells Nepean Bay Holiday Rentals, we’re a family-run business with two beautiful and modern holiday rentals on this stunning island. Each house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms for spacious living and cooking areas, and they offer sweeping views of some of the island’s most beautiful sights. Our brand new accommodation in Nepean Bay is beachfront with views across to Kingscote.

Kangaroo Island (KI), as the name suggests, is abundant with native kangaroos that attract visitors from all over the world. In addition to its wildlife, which includes koala bears, pelicans, and sea lions, Kangaroo Island has many national conservation parks. Kelly Hill, one of the island’s most visited parks, offers beautiful views and hides an intricate cave system that you can explore. However, a trip to Kangaroo Island simply isn’t complete without a few days out at the beach.

Before you start planning your stay on Kangaroo Island, you ought to look for accommodation that will keep you comfortable by providing all the comforts of home. White Sands Holiday Rental Island Beach White Shells Holiday Rental Nepean Bay / Kingscote