Our KI Attractions

During your stay, enjoy a day trip – Kangaroo Island has plenty to do and see – all easily accessible from White Sands Holiday Rental and White Shells Holiday Rental

Things to Do When Exploring Kangaroo Island, South Australia. We’re confident you’ll love our luxury accommodation on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, but when you’re ready to leave home comforts and explore the outdoors, we highly recommend the following amazing adventures: It is always refreshing to visit a place that is unlike where you live. If you are from a densely-populated area with lots of traffic, you’ll appreciate a few days without traffic or bustle on Kangaroo Island. Clear waters, tranquil beaches, beautiful wildlife, and cool breezes on the island are lifting and liberating. Being connected to the Australian mainland by only a ferry line, the seclusion on Kangaroo Island will give you every opportunity to be at peace.

Observe the wildlife

The island was named after its population of Australia’s favourite oversized mammals, kangaroos. If you’ve never seen a kangaroo before, they are enormous and graceful marsupial creatures. A coastal wilderness walk can extend for kilometres: walk in peace with nature and marvel at the local animal life. Wallabies, blue wrens, magpies, and pelicans make their home in this area, making Kangaroo Island an animal and bird watcher’s paradise.

Explore the beaches

As an island that’s been relatively untouched regarding urban development, Kangaroo Island boasts its fair share of undeniably beautiful beaches. For calm and clear condition. The pristine coast offers some of the most beautiful surfing and swimming beaches in the whole southern hemisphere. Fishers come to Kangaroo Island for self-catering accommodation and the fresh and tasty whiting to catch off the beach.

Dine in style

You won’t struggle to find excellent cafes and restaurants serving a variety of delicious food on Kangaroo Island. Eat your fill of fresh seafood, from whiting to oysters to marron. Spend a day tasting at a few of the island’s numerous wineries – don’t miss the exceptional Cabernets and Shirazes produced on the island. You and your group of friends can enjoy a day on the clear water and come home to relax and enjoy the evening on the deck.

Visit the Caves of Kelly Hill

Kelly Hill is a nature park that’s home to an intricate cave system, making it popular among travellers with a sense of adventure.

Flinders Chase National Park – Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks are an icon of South Australia, one that many Australians could probably recognise if shown a picture. But it isn’t until you’re visit them yourself that you really understand what makes them special; the strangeness of their weathered shapes sitting on on a bare rock, surrounded by low scrub and little else.

Admirals Arch

Created by natural natures forces Admirals Arch is one of the biggest attractions on Kangaroo Island. Come and see for yourselves the beauty nature creates. One of the many Aussie natural attraction on Kangaroo Island.

Cape du Couedic Lighthouse

Cape du Couedic Lighthouse is one of the many Kangaroo Island’s iconic attraction and a must visit sight when on the Island. Constructed between the years 1906–1909 the Lighthouse consists of a tower built from 2,000 pieces of local stone, having three to four-roomed cottages to house the head keeper along with two assistants and their families.

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Places to visit

Pennington Bay : Great Surf Beach and Fishing

American River:
  • The Oyster Farm Shop at American River where locally farmed oysters are processed. Across the road from the farm it is the farm-gate outlet for Kangaroo Island Shellfish
  • American River Aquatic Reserve and is a pleasant destination which is popular with holiday maker's who want to enjoy aquatic activities including fishing, swimming, boating and sailing.
  • Independence Rebuild Watch the progress of the ship being rebuilt and observe many traditional boat-building skills. Being the first ship ever built in South Australia – 33 years before the state was proclaimed – the Independence was built in 1803 by American sealers then based in American River. Great cafe attached.
  • Pelican Lagoon Conservation Park is a protected 297 hectare natural Aquatic Reserve thanks to its natural fish nursery.
    Prospect Hill
    Brown’s Beach
  • M.B. Stoner Art Glass, and The KI Art Works Gallery : Manned by the artists themselves and their supporters, the KI Artworks Gallery showcases works from the members of the Artists Collective KI Inc. It's located in Baudin Beach.

to the west

Clifford’s Honey Farm The only pure strain of Ligurian bee in the world. You must try their Honey Ice cream.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery Eucalyptus oil is considered Australia's first true export and was once Kangaroo Island's primary industry. Emu Ridge is South Australia's only remaining commercial eucalyptus distillery

Rookery Wines and KI Cider
The KI Lavender Farm
KI Spirits

The Island Pure Sheep Dairy is a unique culinary experience, taste award winning sheep cheeses and yogurts. Sheep milking.

Kingscote (KI’s largest town).Pelican Feeding At 5pm nearly every day a strange experience awaits at the shores of Kingscote. Armed with a tub of huge fish and squid, a man approaches and a flock of hungry seagulls and pelicans arrive to be fed.

A trip to the eastern end of Kangaroo island

Sunset Wines
The Baudin Conservation Park
Dudley Cellar Door
Chapman River Cellar Door
Antechamber Bay and Chapman River, and
Cape Willoughby Lighthouse where the guided tours are a must.
First lighthouse to be built in South Australia. It was erected in 1852.

The northern coast of Kangaroo Island

Attractions include Kingscote and many beaches and coves to explore; Emu Bay, Stokes Bay, Western River Cove, Snug Cove, Scott Cove and onto Cape Borda Lighthouse. Other attractions include: Paul’s Place Wildlife Sanctuary Stokes Bay Bush Garden This three hectare garden not only showcases 150 types flowers and plants native to Kangaroo Island but are also home to around 750 other species of plant. Here you will find banksias, grevilleas, hakeas, orchids, and much more. The abundant bird life attracted to the garden are a welcome bonus.Emu Bay Lavender Farm Shep’s Studio, and The Old Wisanger School.

The south coast features wonderful National Parks, Wilderness Protection Areas, beaches and Conservation Parks with stunning scenery and bush/beach walking

Little Sahara Catch a huge wave, surf the skies, all without a shark in sight and no danger to the kids. Rent a sandboard and climb to the top then zoom down riding to the bottom. Seal Bay Vivonne Bay Kelly Hill Caves Steep stairs lead downwards into the belly of the caves where you will witness extensive caves with stalactites and stalagmites. All lit up now for your viewing pleasure. Hanson Bay is the go-to place to see koalas on Kangaroo Island Markers are placed in front trees where they had been spotted by staff. Flinders Chase National Park Remarkable Rocks,The Remarkable Rocks are an icon of South Australia, one that many Australians could probably recognise if shown a picture. But it isn't until you're visit them yourself that you really understand what makes them special; the strangeness of their weathered shapes sitting on on a bare rock, surrounded by low scrub and little else. Admirals Arch Admiral's Arch is one of the biggest attractions on Kangaroo Island Cape du Couedic Lighthouse

Attractions along the way include;

Seal Bay Visitor Centre with guided tours Raptor Domain Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action centre, and Rustic Blue Gallery and Cafe.

Don’t Miss These Stunning Beaches While Staying in Luxury Accommodation in Kingscote, KI;

Emu Bay A stunning stretch of surf and sand, Emu Bay is sheltered from the winds, making it the perfect spot to soak up some sun. Parking couldn’t be more straightforward – drive on the beach itself to find a suitable space for you and the family.

Vivonne Bay Once voted Australia’s best beach, Vivonne Bay is the stereotypical postcard bay. Gentle waves lap its 6km-long shore, making it a favoured place among those who love to paddle. You also have a view of dunes in the distance to the north.

Stokes Bay Do you want to swim in crystal clear waters before relaxing on pure white sand? First, you need to head to Stokes Bay before weaving through a small cave system to reach the beach. After the adventure, you’ll end up on a beach that’s often empty. Don’t miss the Rockpool Cafe for a fresh seafood lunch.